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Authentic Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria in Grantville Pennsylvania, serving original Italian and American food in a home style setting. Either dine in or take out.

Our customers come from Harrisburg, Grantville, Palmyra, Hershey, and surrounding areas.


“THERE’S NOTHING QUITE LIKE a good Italian restaurant. It truly is something to be cherished and held onto jealously. Let’s face it, outside of everyone’s favorite boot-shaped country and the rare gem among the hustle of a big city, the midstate is not exactly world famous for its fine Italian cuisine. There are, however, a few restaurants that have shared with central Pa. their passed-down family recipes from the old country, and these establishments are not to be missed.

One such diamond in the rough, known well by a legion of loyal patrons, has been serving up some of the most authentic and most delicious Italian food around for the past six years. Just off Route 743 in Grantville – housed inside a renovated 200-year-old barn, including re-pointed original stone walls – sits Fabio’s Authentic Italian Cuisine and Pizzeria.

And what once began as a popular pizza shop, just next door, 13 years ago is now the place to go for Italy’s contribution to the world of culinary artistry….

JADRIAN KLINGER, Harrisburg Magazine”


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For all your inquiries please call us at (717) 469-0709